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April Fool's: Cael Sanderson Let Go By Penn State Wrestling

After a disappointing sixth place finish at this year's NCAA Tournament, the Penn State Athletic Department has decided to cut ties and go in a different direction.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

After the NCAA tournament the dynasty is over, and after four straight years of National Titles (including ones that the most die-hard of Nittany Lion wrestling fans were gnashing their teeth over on Saturday night), this past March saw Penn State eliminated from the team championship race very early on--essentially on Friday.

Plus, the Nittany Lions finished fourth (FOURTH!) at the Big Ten tournament earlier in the month, having finished the regular season with four (FOUR!) dual tournament losses, three in-conference, to Ohio State, Iowa, Oklahoma and Minnesota, who finished the NCAA tournament first, second, seventh and eighth, respectively.

Routinely under Cael a wrestling fan could count on bonus points, but not so this year; as jtothep broke down in the above-linked post, every team who landed above the Lions on the podium scored at least double the bonus points of the Lions.

It's no wonder Sandy and Co are moving on.

Listen, no doubt Cael turned around a Penn State program that had grown stale amidst a hotbed of high school talent, and he's left the program in a much better place than where he left it.

For that, we send many thanks to him, and his staff, for the years of hard work they've put in.

Onward and upward, the future of Penn State wrestling looks incredibly bright, with both the current wrestlers in the program, and the recruits and commits that look to join the weight room in the coming months and years.

Our staff here at BSD has learned exclusively of Cael's replacement, and it's a doozy.

Likely the most diehard of wrestling fans will be excited to hear who Sanderson's replacement is, said to be named later this week by the athletic department.

Stay tuned to BSD for all developments on this and any other stories today, acrostic and otherwise.