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MMQB: What is your Favorite Part of Blue/White Weekend?

In what is probably an annual discussion at this point, let's talk about what makes Blue/White weekend so special.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

With Blue/White weekend finally upon us, I thought it would be a good time to sit back and ponder our favorite aspects of the glorious weekend. It could very well be someone in our community's first time attending, so we should give them some different things to look forward to!

There's the actual game, of course. It provides the chance to watch Penn State football's stars of tomorrow shine on the Beaver Stadium field, even if it will be a year or so until they actually get out there. It provides the chance to watch the senior third and fourth string players get some game time after giving all they've had to the program for so many years. It provides the chance to watch (and sometimes hear) how the coaches interact with the players during practice time.

There's the typical tailgate atmosphere. If you just went by the tailgates themselves, you might actually think it was a normal home football game. This year, the game "kicks off" at 4:00, giving everyone even more time out in the fields before the team runs out onto the field.

There is a reunion feel to it all. Sure, we have homecoming in the fall, which is an awesome experience. The town is packed, we see friends we haven't seen in years and it's a joyous experience. On Blue/White weekend though, we get to do all of that again. In fact, some would argue that Blue/White weekend is actually a more comprehensive gathering of alumni than homecoming. So find your friends from your freshman dorm all those years ago and have a beer together.

There's so much more, as well. The beauty of the campus in spring. The baseball game that follows the spring game. The deals that stores downtown give out. The chance to revisit that old restaurant that you used to love. The chance to check out the new bars that have popped up since your years there.

There's so much to love about Blue/White weekend. What's your favorite part and why?