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Roundtable: Who Was the MVP of the Blue-White Game?

Who was the best player in a meaningless football game?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The bad news is that the best weekend in the spring in State College has come and gone, as Blue-White Weekend is now officially over.

*goes and grabs a 40 at my local pizza shop, because that's the only place where I can get beer in my town*

*pours out said 40*

The good news is that we got a really small glimpse into Penn State football heading into the 2015 season. There were a few bright spots during Penn State's annual scrimmage, and we got to wondering: which player/deity deserves to be called the MVP of the 2015 Blue-White Game? LET US DEBATE.

Jared: Geno Lewis

Without having the opportunity to watch the broadcast of the game, Lewis' performance really jumped out at me from the stands. It's easy to forgot, but Lewis performed among the best wide receivers in the nation during the first quarter of the 2014 season. Not only was he producing astounding numbers, he also made plays when the team needed them the most- it can certainly be argued that without clutch catches in the final moments in weeks one and three, Penn State never would not have come away with victories against Central Florida or Rutgers. Lewis finished the afternoon with six receptions for 61 yards, but proved that he should once again become one of Christian Hackenberg's primary targets after experiencing a major dropoff during Big Ten play.

Cari: Nick Scott

Numbers-wise, he was the most productive running back on the day and despite Franklin's effusive praise for Mark Allen (who played a lot of special teams) and Johnathan Thomas being out injured, it appears that Scott has a leg up on being Akeel Lynch's primary backup--if only until Saquan Barkley steps on campus, maybe.

Regardless, the menacing form of Anthony Zettel bearing down on you is enough to make even the most battle-hardened running backs tremble in their cleats, yet Scott evaded the defensive tackle and scampered over fifty yards for an impressive touchdown in the second quarter of the blue/white game, making him my MVP of the most meaningless four quarters we'll see in Beaver Stadium in 2015.

Matt: Saeed Blacknall

It's no secret that Penn State has quite the stable of young receivers. Chris Godwin had his coming out party in New York at the Pinstripe Bowl, and while it was just a scrimmage, Blacknall had something of an emergence Saturday. Let's call it a coming out gathering, or something. In that deep and talented group of receivers, Blacknall may have the highest potential, at least from guys already on campus (looking at you, Juwan Johnson). There is still some fine tuning to do to his game, but his 7 catch, 71 yard, 1 touchdown performance offered quite the glimpse of what is to come.

Nick B: Carl Nassib

Any of the defensive line could've been here now that I think about it, but Nassib just seemed like he was all over the place. Unsurprisingly, the offensive line continues to be overmatched against their defensive counterparts, however this will probably end up being one of the best they'll face all year.

bscaff: Football Gods

It was a perfect day - sunshine, cloudless skies, gentle breeze, tailgating, a football like substance, no injuries, Penn State won. Thanks, football gods.

Dan: Nick Scott

In watching the replay of the game on Monday morning, he still jumps out the most. With Lynch the only known commodity in the backfield heading into the spring game, Scott has clearly put himself out there as the front runner for the number two spot. And with Barkley, Allen, and Thomas also in the mix in 2015, I think it's safe to say that running back is a position of strength on this roster.

Bill: Saeed Blacknall

I haven't been able to re-watch the game yet, and I won't be able to watch until it's on BTN tonight. However, I don't think my answer will change from Blacknall. Chris Godwin getting held out of the game really allowed Blacknall to shine, as he was the best offensive player on the field for Team Blue. His two highlight plays -- his touchdown grab and his amazing over the shoulder catch later in the game -- were probably the two best plays for the Blue squad, and his gaudy numbers (tied for the most receptions with 6, led the game with 71 receiving yards) were the brightest spot of the afternoon.

Also: a special shoutout to Christian Hackenberg. He was supposed to play two series, but due to Trace McSorley's injury, he played three and a half quarters. He got slightly banged up and the offensive line had some issues (NOTE: this was not copy and pasted from various things we wrote last year) but he did everything asked of him. Shouts to you, Christian Hackenberg.