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BSD Mailbag 4.24.15: Blue/White (and Star Wars) Edition

That's right, the mailbag is back. Returning, or awakening, if you will.

Abs like whoa.
Abs like whoa.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On a 1 - 10 scale, with 1 being last year’s o-line and 10 being the 1994 line, rate the o-line’s performance from yesterday. Then evaluate where you think they’ll be come fall.--PSU_Lions_84

I’d give them a five. It’s well known that in the spring and early summer, the defense is far ahead of the offense—and our defense was already so far ahead of our offense, the fact that the offense scored at all in the blue/white game is damn near a miracle. So, yes, I grade on a curve.

I think in the fall they’ll be significantly better than the dumpster fire they were last year. They’re still young, so they won’t be on the level of 1994 or the best o-line we’ve had in recent years (2008), but they will be much improved—we won’t be last in the nation in sacks allowed again. Will this be enough to challenge for a division title? Obviously it’s way to early to tell, but that’s what the offseason is for so I SAY UNEQUIVOCALLY YES!

How excited are you to watch a fat kicker every Saturday? I know I’m pretty damn excited about it. Fat kickers are the best.--06Lion

I’m super excited. Any excuse to post this gif:

OK straight poop. Where was McSorley?--catalacjack

Along those lines...Where was Thompkins? It seemed like there was a lot of excitement surrounding him but I didn’t see him out there if he played.--B&W

Franklin has a longstanding history of not giving details on players’ injuries; I’m not even sure we’ve gotten the full scoop on Adam Breneman’s injury last summer, and he was held out as a precaution in blue/white as well.

Most accounts had Trace McSorley being the easy #2 backup in spring practice, and up to last Saturday morning Christian Hackenberg was expected to only take the field for one or two series, so the McSorley injury was clearly a very last-minute one, with Billy Fessler even switching teams midway through the game to give Hack a breather.

Thompkins, on the other hand, had been rumored to be limited early on in the spring, and that panned out. No one asked about Chris Godwin, though? I missed him big, especially since he was the spark that lit up Penn State’s big bowl win in NYC.

On a 1-10 scale of likelihood, 1 being "the sun will rise in the West tomorrow" and 10 being "a Democrat or Republican will be the next US President," what’s the likelihood that PSU starts 6-0 and then gets screwed by the officials in Columbus?—ckmneon

I’m at like a 7.


What is the most underrated bar in State College and why is it Liberty?--Bill DiFilippo

So, I’ve never been to Liberty because I’m old and it wasn’t there when I was there. Therefore, I cannot speak to its underratedness and whether or not it is worthy of this distinction.

I can speak to the bar that I think is most overrated—Adam’s Apple—and the downtown one that is this alum’s current favorite to visit when I go back into town, Skellar. But that doesn’t answer your question and for that I am sorry. Really, whenever I’m up there I’m not sure there are any that are underrated because everything is so damn crowded I can’t make that determination—everything is so crowded and crazy busy. Though Bar Bleu on Halloween for my sister’s birthday was surprisingly subdued (no line and no cover? When did that happen?), and the fishbowls were awesome that night. Better than I remembered.

What is the status of the We Are magazine for this year? Too soon?--jiminore

Look for more info on this soon. We’ve decided against a print edition this year for reasons many of you already know, so we pushed back the kickstarter—but the launch date should be coming up shortly. On behalf of Jared, Mike and Seth, we appreciate your patience and all of your support, especially with the fiasco that was our printing contract last year.

Actually Spring football related. Because they had a great showing for them, but are 4th in the B1G, the folks at MGoBlog were wondering if Spring Game attendance matters? There defense for only getting 60K is it was:

1. Early

2. Not as nice weather as PSU and OSU had

3. Not promoted well by the Athletic Department

4. They have to share interest with the Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings and MSU.

5. There is so much more do in the cultural utopia that is Ann Arbor (which is nice) and Detroit.--Former_DC_Buck

The folks at MGoBlog (and full disclosure, Seth over there is full on awesome and I adore him) should probably worry less about spring game attendance and more about regular game attendance.

Also, we had more people attending our spring game after we hired our new head coach last year than they did with their NFC-champion head coach, which is…interesting. Just saying.

Why wasn't Mauti in the broadcast booth? Would it be too much for some people to handle to have Mauti and McGloin in the booth together?--SuperJeff

Yes, that would have been too much awesome in one booth—the need for Plan B on Sunday would have been too overwhelming for all State College pharmacies.

What is the appeal of Pitch Perfect? I have seen the first one.--WorldBFat

First of all, despite what some of you stubbornly insist upon, I am a woman. And also, despite my love of geekery and sports—I also really freaking love musicals, and pop music, and to laugh. Those reasons are why I am predisposed to absolutely adore Pitch Perfect, because it is all of these things rolled into one. But I realize that it is also distinctly marketed towards the female demographic, as evidenced by the fact that the sing-a-long I went to was called "Ladies Night".

So, I asked one of my (straight) male friends who, to this day when drunk (and sober when no one but me is around) will admit to loving Pitch Perfect. He basically agreed with what PSU12 said in the comments--Anna Kendrick, though being my friend he was more vulgar about it and said that that was "the only acceptable reason for a male to like the movie. At least in writing."

So there you have it, WBF. The male fantasy of banging an attractive Hollywood actress. Boom.

Must there be more to this provincial life?--Lucius429

There MUST. (I Can. Not. Wait. For the live action version of B & B. Emma Watson is absolutely perfect).

Is a hot dog a sandwich?--Former_DC_Buck

Is there bread around the brunt of what you’re looking to eat? Then it’s a sandwich.

When playing flip cup is it cheating or strategy to use objects on the table as a backboard? Why are girls so damn good at it?—Sperbro

It’s totally cheating. And the boobs give us special flip cup powers.

Was the NCAA right to rush to judgement and vacate female, and some male, fans right to see Zeke Elliott’s abs this coming season?--Former_DC_Buck

I, for one, am all for the rights of players to wear belly jerseys, and this is just one more of the NCAA’s arbitrary and capricious rules that I will never understand. Because it really impacted the game in the ‘80s, right?

Did you know that rolling droid in Ster Wers is a practical effect and not CG? Also The Alamo is a better movie theater than you are.--Jenga Jam

Dude, I grew up on the Star Wars movies, and read everything about them I possibly could—extended universe and behind the scenes. My third tattoo is a bonafide nerd Star Wars tattoo. Of course I knew that Kenny Baker plays R2-D2 in the actual body of an R2-D2 rolling tin can of a body of a droid.

Also I am not a movie theatre, so the Alamo would win in a battle of movie theatres over me hands down (side note, it is fricking ridiculously awesome so if you ever have a chance to go to any of them, do not hesitate do not pass go do not collect $200 and just get there).

How old is Han Solo in Star Wars years?--joey.taylor.jt

In which Star Wars movie? You gotta be more specific, dude. For the definitive answer, I took to—what else—wookieepedia (if you haven’t heard of it, you aren’t a true nerd and I feel sorry for you). He’s supposed to be around 30 in the original movie, and since we don’t know officially how long after that (and, thus, how long after Return of the Jedi) the Force Awakens takes place, I can’t answer how old he is in the new movie.

Side note, I am about to burn all of my Star Wars books now that they are not canon.

When did Luke get so chubby?--leeharvey418

Sometime between being the Joker, the Trickster and now (yes, I’m aware that he was just the voice of the Joker. These are the jokes people).

Batman vs Superman--misdreavus79


(the trailer was underwhelming imo but I’m still going to see it)