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Success With Hyperlinking Keeps On Winning

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

With it's 14th straight victory, Penn State men's volleyball closed out their regular season and gave head coach Mark Pavlik his 500th win. The Nittany Lion graduate is in his 21st season and just collected his fifth Bob Sweeney EIVA Coach of the Year Award. Penn State also collected four all-EIVA team awards. Aaron Russell and Connor Curry were named to the first team, while Nick Goodell and Taylor Hammond made the second team. Additionally, Aaron Russell earned his third consecutive Uvaldo Acosta Memorial Player of the Year award. Not bad for a team that lost its first six matches of the season.

In case you were curious about the women's side, Russ Rose sits at 1,125 wins in 35 seasons.

Big Ten Tops Spring Game Attendance: The last of the spring games occurred this weekend, and Penn State held firm in third place for attendance. Both the SEC and Big Ten surpassed 400,000 total for the spring. Great weather helped the B1G account for 5 of the top 8 crowds this spring, though Wisconsin remains the outlier among the football powers in the conference--playing in front of a crowd of only 9,630.

Credit Rating Improves: It wasn't that long ago that Penn State's credit rating took a dip following IT, but Moody's has upgraded Penn State's credit rating back to pre-scandal levels.

Hot Chocolate: Researchers have identified the gene that determines the melting point of cocoa butter. It may seem insignificant; however it's a fascinating discovery with wide ranging applications from new strains of cacao plants to pharmaceuticals, as cocoa butter has a melting point similar to the human body temperature.

Ed note: also, chocolate is delicious so this is always valid. CG

Volunteer Needed: The Special Olympics are looking for volunteers in various capacities from June 1-7. If you're interested, please go here.

Just a reminder: James Franklin will throw out the first pitch tonight at Yankee Stadium, prior to the 7:05 pm start against Tampa Bay.