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Von Walker EARNS Scholarship

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Need a reason to smile today? Check out the video of Von Walker learning he earned a scholarship.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to be excited about the future of Penn State when you look at all of the young talent sprinkled throughout the roster. In no time, James Franklin and company have brought in a plethora of highly-regarded recruits who were coveted by the likes of Ohio State, Alabama and all the other recent powerhouses of the college football world.

However, as much as those players will contribute to a new era of Penn State Football, it's guys like Von Walker who truly capture the hearts of fans. Walker entered Penn State as a walk-on during Bill O'Brien's second and final year as head coach in 2013. Despite being a freshman walk-on, Walker quickly found his way onto the field. He began as a fearsome special teams ace who would always be one of the first down the field to make a tackle or sacrifice his body to make a block to help the returner pick up extra yardage. From there, he went on to get carries as a backup running back as well as becoming a regular on kickoff returns. As a sophomore he moved to linebacker, a spot where his ferocity and hustle were put to excellent use. As a reserve he managed to collect 12 tackles as well as one for a loss in 2014.

Now, Walker has earned a new title- scholarship football player for the Penn State Nittany Lions.

As Franklin states in the video, he's not "giving Walker shit." Walker's scholarship was well-earned by someone who came in with a dream and the willingness to play for nothing and has found a way to contribute each and every day as a member of the football team. As made evident in the video, Franklin and the team hold Walker in high regard, not just for what he has done on the field so far, but for setting the tone for others and leading through example by giving it his all with everything he does.

Congratulations, Von!