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Final Four Open Thread

Yay basketball!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like not long ago we were basking in the glow of Penn State's 12-1 start and wondering what remained ahead. Well it wasn't pretty- but expected. Penn State has been sitting at home since being eliminated in the Big Ten Tournament while a familiar collection of teams have found their way to the Final Four.

At they very least, we get to watch two Big Ten teams play the role of underdog in their quest to advancing to the national championship game. While neither team is likely to win its game convincingly, both are extremely well-coached and built for tournament play and should keep it close against the longtime behemoths of the college basketball world. And as we've all learned by now, never, ever, ever count out Tom Izzo during this time of year.

(7)Michigan State vs. (1)Duke 6:09 p.m.

(1)Wisconsin at (1) Kentucky  8:49 p.m.*

*approximate tip time