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College Signing Day: Why Did You Choose Penn State?

Today is officially national College Signing Day. I chose Penn State, and students looking for a school to attend in the fall should make the same decision.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

One of our favorite days at Black Shoe Diaries is National Signing Day. We love seeing classes of talented college football players decide to spend the next four or five years of their lives suiting up for the Nittany Lions.

As we all know, national signing day for college football is in the beginning of February. As a lot of people (myself included up until, like, five hours ago) don't know, today is an even more important National Signing Day, as today is College Signing Day for prospective college students all over the country.

To celebrate the occasion, the mothership has partnered with the gubmint's Reach Higher initiative, which you can read about right here. It is a really cool and good thing, because encouraging high schoolers to continue their education rules, no matter where it is.

One way that we're getting the word out for College Signing Day is by giving everyone a platform to say why they chose to attend Penn State. If you didn't go to Penn State, we want to hear about that, too. My story isn't all that crazy: it was PSU (I applied to Altoona instead of UP because life is unfair) or Scranton, and since I wanted to do communications, it was a simple decision and after two years in Altoona and two years in State College, ya boy got a degree. Oh, also, State College has a Wings Over and Scranton doesn't. That's, like, the most unfair advantage that one place could have over another place. I'd move to a cave in the Appalachians with a group of cannibalistic hillbillies if there was a Wings Over.

So we want to know: why did you choose to go to (insert name of your alma mater here)? Let us know down in the comments.