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MMQB: Who is Penn State's Most Draft-able Current Player?

Aside from the obvious answer, there are some interesting choices.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft now having come and gone, it's time to start looking ahead to the new season of Penn State Football. However, being the huge NFL fan that I am, the thought that always lingers in my mind is, "Can this guy play at the next level?".

Penn State has a roster that is becoming more and more athletic, as well as more highly and highly touted with each passing season. Along with that, they are also accumulating more and more players with NFL potential. That leads me to thinking about which players on the roster are the most draft-able.

Obviously there is one answer that everyone will think of, and that's QB Christian Hackenberg. He's a potential top 10 pick, and could even end up being taken number one overall. So for the purposes of variety, we'll exclude him from this discussion.

After Hack, it's easy to see NFL potential all over the roster. Running back Akeel Lynch could vault into draft discussions with a strong season. Chris Godwin, DaeSean Hamilton, Saeed Blacknall, De'Andre Thompkins and even Juwan Johnson have NFL size. Adam Breneman and Mike Gesicki fit right with what the league is looking for in tight ends right now.

On defense, it's also easy to see NFL-type players. Jordan Lucas, Christian Campbell, Marcus Allen, Brandon Bell, Nyeem Wartman, Austin Johnson, Anthony Zettel, and even some of the backups who haven't had a chance to shine yet all have the ability to play professionally.

Personally, I think Adam Breneman has the potential to be a high pick. Not only is the tight end position wildly popular in the NFL right now, but he is a perfect example of what NFL teams want from it. He can block, he's fast, he can line up on the line or out wide, he's smart and he's strong. I think he's a future first round pick. But that's just me!

So the question this morning is simple. Which player currently on Penn State's roster (outside of Hackenberg) will be drafted the highest in their year of the NFL Draft? Which player should be drafted the highest in their year of the NFL Draft?