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Success With Hyperlinking LIQUID SWORDS

And now, your semi-weekly link dump, with a lot of cool and good stuff in it.

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Here's the best tweet ever:

And now, links.

Hey Mama: As we all know, Sunday was Mother's Day, the one day of the year where you put up with the fact that your mom is disappointed in you. Well, the mother of Penn State linebacker Nyeem Wartman probably isn't disappointed in him. Actually, scratch that: the mother of Nyeem Wartman-White probably isn't disappointed in him, as the Penn State linebacker changed his name to honor his mother. He explained his logic in a Facebook post, which the fine folks at Fight On State have right here. Also: "Nyeem Wartman-White" sounds WAY more badass than "Nyeem Wartman." Three names are usually more terrifying than two, folks.

We Got A Good One: Saquon Barkley is going to be your favorite football player after you read this story about how he made a competitor's day at his league's track and field championships. I really don't care how good Barkley is -- nor do I really have to worry about it because he's going to be awesome -- because he is a good person, which is more important than anything regarding football.

Lady Lax Is Very Good: Men's lax sucked this year. Women's lax does not. The Nittany Lion women's lacrosse team is headed to the NCAA's national quarterfinals after upending Virginia last week. Next up: a battle with North Carolina on Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

Speaking Of Very Good Teams: Penn State women's rugby won another national title on Saturday. It was a blowout. Ho hum.

Fuck Pitt: As we know, Penn State and its biggest rival will meet back up on the football field in a few years. Could there be more meetings in the future? The fine folks at Cardiac Hill looked into extending the series between PSU and Pitt.

Eric Barron: The Prez did a Q+A on his first year in Happy Valley. I know some people aren't fans of his for various reason, but I love the guy. Can't wait to see what year two of the Barron Era has in store.

Bill Simmons Is A Bad Writer: Lost in this article from Deadspin about how Bill Simmons is a bad writer is the fact that, you know, Bill Simmons is a bad writer.

Daniel Bryan: :(

Thursday Night's Alright For Fighting: I like the idea of Penn State playing a Thursday night primetime game in Beaver Stadium to kick off the season. Sure, it would be a bit weird, but the idea of being the only football game on the first night of the season seems like it would be cool, and it would mean Penn State gets all of the national attention that day. Unfortunately, Sandy Barbour is pessimistic about that happening. Oh well.

Sanction Movie: Sanction movie.

Music Thing: I went to a concert in Camden, NJ over the weekend, and Death Cab for Cutie was there, and it reminded me that Death Cab for Cutie is awesome, so here's Transatlanticism, and here's Plans, and if you like them but wish they did something with more of an indie pop sound, here's Give Up, which is by The Postal Service, and is good.