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Penn State Homecoming vs Indiana Set For Noon Kick

According to BSD's insider sources, Penn State's 2015 Homecoming tilt against Indiana will kickoff at Noon Eastern.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As no one could ever forget, many Bothans died to bring the Rebels the information on the Death Star.  Those heroes offered the supreme sacrifice, exchanging all they had, and all they would ever have, so that we might live in freedom.  Similarly, Black Shoe Diaries sacrificed all of its favors to find out the kickoff time of this year's Homecoming game against the Indiana Hoosiers, so that its readers might enjoy a few extra days of planning for the trip.

It's with solemn pride that we can report, Mission Accomplished.  Penn State's 2015 Homecoming game against Indiana will commence - [dramatic pause] - at Noon Eastern Time.

//pause to regain composure, and for effect

It's a move few could have predicted.  The Noon kickoff marks just the 19th time in 19 career meetings that this storied rivalry starts a college football Saturday.  Our Nittany Lions hold a 17 - 1 mark all-time.

The first meeting occured November 6th, 1993 at Beaver Stadium, as  #19 Penn State defeated #17 Indiana 38-31. But in the 21 seasons since that contest, the Hoosiers have posted just one winning season - a 7-6 mark in 2007.  They've won 5 games just four other times.  They've not won a bowl game since before Penn State became a Big Ten member.  Current Indiana students were not yet born the last time the Hoosiers won a bowl game (1991).  Not a "big" bowl game - any bowl game.  Pizza Bowl, Quik-Lane Bowl, Ro-Tel/Barbasol Bowl - nope, zip, zilch, nada.

Should we have guessed the kickoff time?  Might BSD have wasted its favors, and frivolously pulled its strings?  Was the sacrifice in vain?

No.  No one can predict the whims of television executives.  Who could know what might influence them in their decision making?  It's un-possible.  Besides, you're forgetting, these same Hoosiers are SEC East Champions.  If Bloomington, IN were just six hours south, Kevin Wilson might already own a coveted crystal ball.