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MMQB: What Do You Want to Read?

We ask for your opinions. No, really.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I had a few different ideas for questions today, but actually thought of this one as I was about to start writing up one of them. One of the struggles of writing for a website that focuses on college sports, is the emptiness of the summer. Thanks to recruiting, it's not completely devoid of new/hot topics, but they are far from enough to sustain a community such as this for the entirety of a few months. We've talked as a site about different ideas for what to write about in the summer, and we've come up with some strong ideas, but we haven't asked the people who matter most yet.

Sorry this post is so short today, but I was in Pennsylvania visiting my future puppy this weekend, so I didn't have much time to get this ready. So what is it that you, the readers, want to see from Black Shoe Diaries this summer? More recruiting? More looks back into the past of Penn State football? More/earlier previews for the upcoming seasons? What do you want to read about this summer?