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Penn State Announces New Nittany Lion Fan Council

Four times a year, a group of 25 Penn State fans will get together and discuss the fan experience at Nittany Lion sporting events.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever thought to yourself "hey, I wonder what an Internet comment section would be like in real life"? Well I have some good news for you!

Penn State announced the formation of the Nittany Lion Fan Council on Tuesday. The goal of the proposed council is to bring together "alumni, fans and students" with the intention of improving the fan experience at various Penn State sporting events.

The interesting thing about this council is that it will be made up of 25 individuals who have one-year terms, and they will all be random people who have a general interest in Penn State athletics. These individuals will meet once a quarter in State College.

Here's some more info, via GoPSUSports:

Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics today announced the creation of a regularly scheduled opportunity to hear from alumni, fans and students.

The Nittany Lion Fan Council is being established to engage and listen to fans about their experiences with Penn State's comprehensive and highly successful 31-sport program. The 25-person Fan Council will meet quarterly on the University Park campus, starting in July, 2015, and all members will serve on one of five committees during their one-year term.

The creation of the Nittany Lion Fan Council comes on the heels of the recent fan voting to assist in determining the Penn State White Out football game and White Out T-Shirt for the 2015 season.

"We are excited about creating the Nittany Lion Fan Council and this new opportunity to hear from our fans," said Brad Keen, Penn State Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing. "Penn State has passionate and loyal alumni, students and fans and we want to engage them on a regular basis and get their feedback on all aspects of Penn State Athletics."

Each of the 25 Nittany Lion Fan Council members will be assigned to committee that will have a breakout session during each of the quarterly meetings. The committees are:

  • Game Day Experience
  • Communications
  • Facilities
  • Sales and Ticketing
  • Redemption and Retention

Anyone can apply to be on the council, so if you're interested, here's a link to the application.