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TMQB: Where is Your Favorite Beach?

In the spirit of Memorial Day Weekend, let's talk about our favorite places for sun, surf and sand.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Today's question is also the reason that this post is a day late. Memorial Day Weekend! Everyone has their go-to spots for MDW, whether it's a friend's house for a cookout, a day at the public pool or wherever else. For me though, the place to be on the long weekend has always been the beach.

Growing up in New Jersey, I'm obviously biased towards the Jersey Shore. For all the knocks that the Jersey Shore takes because of these guys, 90% of the New Jersey coastline is nothing like what is seen in said show. That show was filmed in the trashiest of beaches, where most of the New Jersey high schools go for their after-Prom festivities. Once you move past Seaside, New Jersey, though, the beaches are awesome. Belmar, Point Pleasant, LBI, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Cape May and so many more are awesome places to be. I'm partial to a small beach near Belmar called Avon, but that's just me. Although I will say that the beaches in the Bahamas were fantastic, as well.

There are many factors that go into choosing a favorite beach though. Are you a boardwalk person? Are you a surfer? Body boarder? Skim boarder? Volleyball enthusiast? Teenager-hating? Family man/woman? Long weekend-stayer? Day-tripper? Gambler? All of these things are very important when deciding which beach is for you. So after enjoying the long weekend, take a second to think. Which beach is your favorite and why? And just for fun, we won't limit it to the United States.