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MMQB: Which Recently Drafted/Signed Penn Stater Will Have the Most NFL Success?

Plenty of Penn Staters entered the NFL this weekend. Which one will have the most success?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The post will come in a few hours about the NFL's newest Penn State alums, and where they all ended up. But before we go through that, let's all speculate wildly!

A lot of former Penn Staters have gone on to find significant success in the NFL, at many different positions. Obviously, a lot of that success has come from the linebacker spot, but Penn State has historically done a pretty good job at producing NFL talent. Not to mention that the National Football League will likely start to be infused with more and more Nittany Lions in the next few years.

As a quick reminder, here are all the former Penn State athletes that found their way into the NFL this year.

Donovan Smith

Adrian Amos

Jesse James

Mike Hull

Miles Dieffenbach

Ross Travis

CJ Olaniyan

Bill Belton

Deion Barnes


Zach Zwinak

Sam Ficken (Ficken has yet to join a team, presumably because he is trying to find the right fit. As one of the top rated kicker in the class, he should have a few more options than most)

As I write this, I realize that we can ask two questions on this topic, so here we go. Which former Penn Stater from this year's draft class will have the most success in their rookie season? Which one will have the most successful career?