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Penn State Hoops Associate Head Coach Brian Daly Leaves Program

One of Pat Chambers' top assistants cited a desire to return back to Philadelphia with his family as his reason for leaving the staff.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Daly announced today that he will leave the Penn State basketball program, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. Daly has been an assistant on Pat Chambers' staff dating back to 2009, when he was an assistant at Boston University. He assumed the same role with the Nittany Lions when Chambers came to Happy Valley, and in 2013, he was promoted and earned the title of associate head coach.

Here is what Daly had to say about his decision, according to a statement he gave 24/7 Sports:

"I have valued my time at Penn State and wish the program nothing but the best moving forward," Daly said in a statement. "I have been away from my family for the last few years and as my children are getting older and our oldest son is entering his senior year, I want to be in Philadelphia with them."

Daly came to Penn State with the reputation of being a solid recruiter, and while it took a few years for this ability to manifest itself, he has shown to be a talented recruiter recently. He teamed up with Chambers and brought Shep Garner to Happy Valley, he was the main recruiter for Isaiah Washington and he was the main recruiter for 2016 target Lamar Stevens.

Chambers also gave a statement to 24/7 Sports regarding the decision to leave Happy Valley, thanking Daly for his service to the program and saying that "We wish him the very best as he pursues other professional opportunities in the Philadelphia area. Our program is built around family and nothing is more important than one's own. I know he is looking forward to being with his wife Tracie and three children again."

There's no word on who will be Daly's replacement, although there is a listing on the Penn State jobs site. We'll keep you posted on the search for a new assistant coach.