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Penn State Will Let You Vote On This Year's White Out Game And Shirt

Which matchup will be the 2015 White Out game? What will the shirt for the game look like? Penn State is letting you decide.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The list of things that are better than the Penn State White Out game is really short. I think it's only a really good steak and sleeping until noon, and you can make a strong case for the White Out over either of those.

Penn State is doing something very cool for this year's White Out game. Not only is the school letting you -- the humble fan -- pick what the design is for the 2015 White Out Shirt, but it's also letting pick the friggin' game. That's really cool of Penn State! Thanks, Penn State!

Both of the shirt options are awesome. Here is option No. 1 (via GoPSUSports):

white out shirt 1

And here is option No. 2 (also via GoPSUSports):

white out shirt 2

I prefer the first shirt, mostly because I like the fact that it has the blue stripe down the center and a blue chipmunk logo. I'm also fond of having "UNRIVALED" across the back. However, the second shirt is no slouch, and I will purchase that in a nanosecond if it is chosen.

However, the most important thing is that we have the option to pick the White Out game. Penn State has seven home contests this year, and there are pros and cons to picking each one as the official White Out game. Here is each game, and why it would/would not work as Penn State's biggest home game of the year:

Penn State vs. Buffalo (Sept. 5)

Pros: This is Penn State's first home game of the year (well, first game at Beaver Stadium as PSU kicks off the season against Temple in Philly and that should feel like a home game). What better way to kick off the season than by turning Beaver Stadium into a big sheet of white? Sure, it's a game that will likely kick off at 12 or 3, but all of that white will look really cool under the sun. This game is also sneaky difficult, as the Bulls have a solid QB in Joe Licata and really nice RB Anthone Taylor. It would still be a shock if Buffalo won, but there is some talent in Western New York.

Cons: Really? We're going to waste the White Out on a game against a MAC team during the second week of the season? No disrespect to Buffalo, but this needs to be a much more important game. Plus since this is the first game of the year, nobody would get into the stadium until the end of the first quarter, and they would all leave by halftime. Not a good look.

Penn State vs. Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers (Sept. 19)

Pros: We know that this will be a night game, and everyone knows that White Outs work best as night games. Peak White Outs happen during night games when everyone is plastered after a whole afternoon of drinking and verbally harassing opposing fans (or being kind to them, it's really on how the opposing fans carry themselves). Plus there's the whole "they had a night game against us last year" thing, and it would be really nice to show RU fans what a real night game looks like. Take a look at this gigantic pile of raccoon shit:

When linebacker Brandon Bell, who is from Mays Landing, was asked what he thought of High Point Solutions Stadium, which held a record 53,774, he laughed.

"It's nice," he said as if he were describing a blind date who had not shot at a second date, "but compared to Beaver Stadium ..."

He threw up his palms and then waved his hands as he searched for the right words.

The questioner followed up: But compared to Beaver Stadium .... what?

"Compared to Beaver Stadium ..."

He rolled his eyes.

"You know what I mean," he said.

Oh, yeah, we know: It's minor-league.

Don't you want an insane atmosphere so that idiotic feral pig looks like a moron when Beaver Stadium makes High Point Solutions Stadium look like a Saturday morning JV game in New Hampshire? Exactly.

Cons: lol Rutgers isn't important why would we do this and make them feel like they mean anything? By the way, don't take any of the smack talk above as "BILL THINKS BTPR IZ AN RIVAL." They are not a rival. Rutgers is the annoying pimple on your ass that isn't ready to pop yet, so you kind of just deal with it until it goes away. The guy who wrote that just has a hilarious superiority complex, is all.

Penn State vs. San Diego State (Sept. 26)

Pros: San Diego State gave us Brady Hoke, and we all remember the last time Brady Hoke came for a White Out. Shouts to Allen Robinson. Honestly I can't think of a really good reason. SDSU is basically one really good running back (Donnel Pumphrey, who to his credit, is really good) and that's it. Plus this game will be ugly as hell, because SDSU is one of them "run the ball and play tough defense" teams. Eew.

Cons: If the game kicks off at noon then the SDSU kids will think it's 9 a.m. PST and they may oversleep so it would probably be wise to kick off at noon. Or they'll still be sleepy. Gotta play to win the game.

Penn State vs. Army (Oct. 3)

Pros: All joking aside, Army deserves a really awesome environment. The pageantry of the White Out mixed with the tradition of Army football is something that would be really, really cool. I think there could be some awesome spots -- a fly over, an insanely patriotic video package (not unlike the one John Cena came out to at Wrestlemania 31), an American flag that spans the length of the entire field during the anthem -- that work really well with the atmosphere. Can we do this? I would enjoy this.

Cons: Kind of what I said with other teams -- Army won't exactly be great next year. It went 4-8 in 2014 and has to replace its top three rushers, which for Army, is like having to replace its entire team. This should be a fun game, because "Penn State vs. service academy" is usually pretty fun, but it's not worthy of being the White Out game, imo.

Penn State vs. Indiana (Oct. 10)

Pros: What a better way to kick off the Big Ten home slate than with 107,000 maniacs dressed in white screaming at IU (yes, I know BTPR is in the Big Ten but I mean the actual conference slate and not the "oh hey look RU is at the beginning of the year" part)? The Hoosiers have the most underrated QB in the conference in Nate Sudfeld, who is entering his 17th year under center for Kevin Wilson, and this game should have the formula of "really good offense vs. really good defense" on one side and "(potentially) pretty bad offense vs. pretty bad defense" on the other. What better than strength vs. strength and weakness vs. weakness? Other than everything. Everything is better than watching what we watched last year.

Cons: Indiana kind of sucks and I think that a White Out game should be against a team that isn't, you know, Indiana. Plus I don't want to get into a blog war with the Crimson Quarry guys. I like them. Let's not do this, for friendship.

Penn State vs. Illinois (Oct. 31)

Pros: BECKMANMURDER. Holy hell can you imagine the things that would happen to Tim Beckman if he got fed to the White Out? He'd hear some of the most vile things that you could ever think of. He'd be called cusses that haven't even been invented yet. It would be like a gladiator battle only Beckman would be armed with a cap gun. Plus there's the whole "they beat us last year" thing and heavens to Betsy, this game would be vicious. He'd quit by halftime. It would RULE.

Cons: It's the Halloween game and do we really want most of the student section wearing costumes and ducking out halfway through to go trick or treating? Or, more accurately, go to a halloween party and just get obliterated while the game is going on? I don't want there to be a "there is something else going on, let's go to that instead" situation. THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

Penn State vs. Michigan (Nov. 21)

Pros: First and foremost, it's senior day, and sending out this group of seniors with a White Out would be a really cool gesture. More importantly, Michigan makes more sense for a White Out game than any other team on Penn State's schedule. Both schools are prestigious universities with legendary football coaches and two of the top coaches in the conference. Having Jim Harbaugh's first game in Happy Valley take place during a White Out would be pretty cool, and Penn State games vs. Michigan always seem to be awesome. Add in the fact that, like Illinois, this is a bit of a revenge game considering how last year's game ended and the environment can be spectacular. Just no Witvoet. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO WITVOET.

Cons: Ugh, November in the Big Ten, so a night game's out of the picture. Plus this is the dreaded "game before Thanksgiving break" so nobody will be in town. We need everyone in Happy Valley if we're doing the White Out, and that can't happen if the dorms close on Saturday at noon. Maybe if we keep the dorms open until Monday and have the game kick off at, like, 4:30? Yeah, that would work. Make it happen, Sandy.

So that's the list. Feel free to weigh in down below, and make sure you vote right here.