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Success With Hyperlinking Is Partying Like It's 1999

Today's links are brought to you by the first name Matt.

Men's Swimming: The men's swimming team added Matt Hurst as an assistant coach. Hurst grew up in Haverford and has coached at Southern Connecticut State for the past eight years.

Football: Matt Baney, the senior run-on from State College, attended the NCAA's Career In Sports Forum earlier this month. The event helps students interested in a career in college athletics understand the various options available. Keynote speaker Mark Emmert instilled knowledge to the 200 student-athletes that were selected as participants.

Getting Hyper On The Links: The 2015 Men's Golf U.S. Open is underway in the Pacific Northwest. Players have been scratching their heads trying to figure out the course. One this is for sure, when the players are complaining about the layout there should be some tempers flaring by the end of the tournament. Matt Kuchar finished three under par in the first round and is a favorite to compete for the title.

Men's Hockey: Incoming freshmen Matt Mendelson was the recipient of the USHL's Curt Hammer award. The honor is given in recognition of outstanding leadership, pride, determination and skills on and off the ice. Matt's sister Cara played on the PSU women's hockey team this past year and sent out this picture of Matt in March. It appears that Matt is a vegan who only eats pucks.

The Wayback Machine

Men's Hoops Twenty Years Ago: SWH was sifting through old PSU articles on the internet the other day. Apparently there has been a coaching controversy at PSU since September 7th, 1995, the day that Bruce Parkhill retired. Just imagine had we scooped up the young, 54 year-old Larry Brown at that juncture. PSU has had three coaches since Parkhill retired and Brown has coached six different teams in that same time period. Instead of hiring Brown, longtime assistant Jerry Dunn took over and ran off thirteen straight wins, good for the longest winning streak in the country to begin the season.

Football Prior To The Y2K Scare: A couple of days ago hbeach08, former PSU football player and BSD funny-guy, shared something with us that he probably should have taken to his therapist. The brother of fellow BSDer TampaLion had this to say about the 1999 season.

Shit is going on 20 years now and I think WAY too much about how that staff fucked up 1999. It’s unhealthy. I seriously think about Tom Brady and Michigan 9 out of 10 days. WAY more so than the Minnesota game. Maybe cuz Minny was a fluke and Michigan was the class of the Big Ten and we fucking had them on the ropes.

This Los Angeles Times article briefly describes the heartbreak that unfolded in consecutive weeks. While most of us were not on the field of play to experience the pain of the Michigan loss, we felt it in our living rooms or in the stands. It's still hard to understand how that team lost three in a row. One theory is that the music of the era was painfully disappointing.

Take a look at this list of the Billboard Top 100 songs for 1999 and you will understand. The grunge movement had come and gone by 1999 and the artists on the list were a combination of has-beens and future crappy musicians. You have Brittany Spears making her chart debut. Cher had the top song. Livin' La Vida Loca was the tenth most popular song that year. 98 Degrees, The Backstreet Boys, and 'N Sync had multiple appearances on the top list. Sugar Ray and Smashmouth had hits. Former New Kids On The Block artists Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight made the charts as solo artists. Mambo #5 by Lou Bega is up there. It was just a horrible, horrible time for music and that had to have thrown our boys off their game. Looking at the list of 100 songs it is hard to find five that wouldn't damage your ears.

Take a listen to the 15th most popular song of the year, I dare you. Apparently the Backstreet Boys were so cool that they only had time to shoot music videos as they were boarding their jet plane.