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Only Carl Nassib Until Penn State Football

We're just 95 days away from kickoff at the Linc.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time coming.

Each of the last two seasons, senior Carl Nassib has been a key member of the defensive line rotation.  Throughout 2014, Nassib saw time, usually at right defensive end.  He produced.  Nassib's 3.5 tackles for loss were good enough for 8th on the defense, just two shy of CJ Olaniyan, despite receiving fewer than a quarter of the snaps.

His linemates frequently have singled Nassib out as the best bet for a "breakout" performance.  Get ready, Lions fans.  At 6'6", 270lbs, the Malvern Prep product figures to lock down one side of the defensive line in 2015, make a ton of plays this season.