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Black Shoe Podcast - Michal Menet And The Summer Preview

We talked about recruiting for a while. It's pretty good.

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Penn State picked up its biggest recruit in the 2015 class last week in offensive lineman Michal Menet. Since we like to overreact to things around these parts, we called an emergency podcast in which Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33), Matt de Bear (@PSUMatt2005) and Nick Polak (@TheREALNPolak) talk Nittany Lion recruiting. The fellas hit on plenty of topics including:

  • What does Menet's commitment mean, from both a recruiting standpoint and in terms of the impact he'll have on the field?
  • What does this class look like as currently constructed? Which guys are the most likely to make a big jump in the various rating services over the next few months?
  • Who are some of the biggest names still on Penn State's 2015 board, and who should we expect to be the next guys to join James Franklin's squad.
  • At the end, we discuss the 2015 Lions. Could this team go 10-2? It's certainly possible!

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All of that and more, in the silliest and best Penn State recruiting podcast on the web. Also, be sure to keep an eye out on the site for recruiting coverage, as we have a ton of stuff planned for the next week regarding Nittany Lion recruiting.

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