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Only Brendan Brosnan Until Penn State Football

It's down to 75 days...


Remember when James Franklin first got to Penn State and he managed to pull in a ton of recruits, some who were interested in Penn State and pulled the trigger when Franklin officially got here, and other who were Vanderbilt commits who wanted to follow Franklin to Happy Valley?

One recruit who did this was three-star offensive tackle Brendan Brosnan out of Illinois. He was the No. 870 player nationally, but as we're learning, he's exactly what Franklin and Herb Hand want out of offensive lineman: he's a really good athlete and he's a monster, as he's listed at 6'6", 297 lbs. Obviously he didn't play last year, and odds are we won't see much of him as a redshirt freshman, so we're probably a year away from Brosnan competing for a starting spot. At the very least he's gotten something out of his Penn State experience in the form of "more weight." He came to State College weighing 275 lbs. He is larger than that now by 22 pounds. I blame Wings Over. I have no clue if that's correct, but it probably is.

Only 75 more days to go.