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Only Johnnie Troutman Until Penn State Football

Seventy. Fo'. Mo'. Days.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

I'm watching Ballers right now. I cannot recommend it enough. This show is hilarious. It doesn't try to be hilarious, but it's amazing. You should watch this. I don't know if I like this because it's good or if I like it because it's so bad that it's good, but I am enamored with this.

Anyway, I completely forgot how good Johnnie Troutman was when he was in Happy Valley. Don't get me wrong, I never thought he sucked, he just always kinda seemed to blend in with everything. Then I went to Wikipedia and read this:

He started his last three seasons at left guard for the Nittany Lions without allowing a sack and as a senior in 2011, Troutman did not commit a single penalty.

Have mercy. Could you imagine how many QBs would kill for that kind of steadiness along the offensive line? That's really good.

Troutman's now in San Diego. He's doing well. Good for you, Johnnie.

74 more days.