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Only Paris Palmer Until Penn State Football

It's down to 73 days.

Sean Fitz - 247 Sports

Does anyone else kinda feel like Paris Palmer is going to get judged a bit unfairly this year? I preface all of this by saying I like him and think he'll do a good job along the offensive line, but I'm worried that he's going to take a game or two to get used to playing D-I football (which is completely fair), and the next thing you know we're gonna be firing off hot Paris Palmer takes. MAYBE HE'S NOT THAT GOOD. MAYBE JAMES FRANKLIN SHOULDN'T TRY TO FIND JUCO KIDS. I AM A PERSON ON THE INTERNET, I AM GOING TO SAY THINGS.

Regardless, I am going to preach patience with Palmer more than any other player on the roster. He's tall and talented, so we're really banking on him to get a little bigger and turn his talent into production. Seeing as how Herb Hand is really good at making sure both of those things happen, I'm optimistic. Let's come to an agreement right now: we will not pass judgement on Palmer until the end of the fourth game of the season. Cool? Cool.

We have 73 more days to go.