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Only Brian Gaia Until Penn State Football

Also can be considered "Only The Regular-Season Win Total Of The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls Until Penn State Football"

Patrick Bolger/Getty Images

Man, Brian Gaia has had a weird career in Happy Valley. He came to Penn State as a three-star offensive lineman in the class of 2012, but ended up moving to defensive tackle. Then, last year, he moved back to the offensive line because Penn State didn't have enough bodies there.

Gaia at guard is still a work in progress. He struggled at first, but he was undoubtedly a bit rusty and got better as the year went on. Of course, he was the guy who blocked his own teammate against Northwestern, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and this will get to be the kind of thing we all laugh about. Here's to hoping that – between his natural ability as a guard, his second year along the OL in college and another year of Herb Hand voodoo magic – he puts this past him in 2015 and turns into a really nice member of Penn State's offensive line.

We football in 72 days.