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Success With Hyperlinking Wishes Bud Meredith A Happy Retirement

A longtime athletic department employee is hanging it up after nearly 50 years of service and other assorted hyper-linkage for your clicking pleasure.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

This Bud's For Us [/logs off]

Longtime Penn State athletic department employee Bud Meredith is retiring after 50 years of working at the university, the last 48 with athletics. Perhaps the most astonishing facts about his career are the fact that he started working in the athletic department when Joe Paterno was only in his second year as head coach and oversaw several different expansions of Beaver Stadium since then, as well as seeing countless technological changes in the way tickets were accounted for. GoPSUSports has the full scoop, which you'll definitely want to read in your spare time.

Sandy Barbour: Architect

Penn State's fearless athletic director revealed her master plans for facilities upgrades the other night at a meeting with the Nittany Lion Booster Club in Williamsport. Included amongst these plans, is something that should get every basketbro jumping for joy:

Barbour wants to create a more intimate atmosphere in the Bryce Jordan Center to make it more motivating for people to come to watch basketball games.


Ali Krieger Bares It All (Quite Literally)

Current U.S. Women's national and former Penn State soccer player Ali Krieger will be featured in ESPN the Magazine's annual bodies issue, which features famous athletes posing naked.

On that note: If you truly love 'Murica and Penn State, you will tune in to FOX tonight at 7:30 PM ET to watch the national team face historical foe China in the quarterfinals.

Because You All Are So Curious To Know What Ever Happened To Michael Jackson's Kids...

Six years after the King of Pop's death (yesterday), they are fine, thanks for asking.

Here's Another Long-Dead Music Icon Making Recent Headlines:

A former Seattle police chief thinks that Kurt Cobain's death should be re-investigated. For those of you who aren't Nirvana fans, there has been a long-held conspiracy theory by some that Cobain was actually murdered as opposed to having committed suicide. A new documentary has come out touching upon this subject, the second of its kind, and the first one since 1998's 'Kurt and Courtney.' I wouldn't hold my breath though, on this case being re-opened.