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MMQB: Who is Your Ideal Team-Starter?

Let's play fantasy college football!

I bet a lot of people will pick this guy.
I bet a lot of people will pick this guy.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After last week's 700 comment bonanza, I expect another record-breaking round of MMQB-participation results this week.

This week, we're going to get our minds back into college football mode with a fantasy world-type question. There are a lot of very good football players in college football who would make fine team leaders for a new hypothetical team. Sure, most of them are probably quarterbacks, but there are some very special talents in the country who could be the types of guys who could be lynchpins of a team from anywhere on the field.

So here's today' scenario. Imagine that a new university just sprouted up in your hometown, or wherever you want, I guess. The NCAA has been taken over by real life human beings who have the capacity to feel sympathy and other real feelings that Mark Emmert and company sold to Satan in exchange for power. These new leaders feel bad for your new university, who has miraculously been granted D1 status right off the bat. They know that your team will get murdered in every game they play without some star power. So they grant you the ability to pluck any one player from any other team across the entire country.

Rumor is though, your school's football team is only going to last one season. So don't pick someone based on future potential or age, simply choose the player you think is best suited to be a starting point for your team this year.

Comment and let us know which player you would pick, and why. And for fun, add the name of your fictitious university and its football team, too.