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MMQB: What is the Worst Month of the Football Offseason?


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We know the world doesn't revolve around football. For a lot of diehard Penn State football fans though, it actually does. The offseason is a gruelingly slow crawl towards the next opening day, year after year after year. There are definitely positives to other months, though.

For example, the months directly following football season are still filled with hockey and basketball of the Penn State variety. Even if you don't believe in Pat Chambers/hate Penn State basketball irrationally, it's still fun to watch your school's team compete. Big Ten hockey is still growing in general, so those Lions don't appear on TV very often, but usually have a nice audience when they do. Once we get past those two sports though, things start to get rough.

If you're a Penn State baseball fan, like I am, you have that to tide you over in the spring. But even I didn't really find the baseball team's success or failure changing my mood like the football and basketball teams do. If you think on the professional side of things, the spring can be a little bit more exciting. The NBA and NHL seasons are winding down and the MLB is just getting started. It's a pretty busy time of the year.

But the summer? The summer can be rough. Once the calendar reaches mid June, all that remains is the MLB. Now, that's not a problem for me personally, because I love baseball more than any other sport, but I can also see how that makes some other people want to rip their eyeballs out. So I ask you, loyal readers of Black Shoe Diaries, what is your least favorite month of the offseason, and why?