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Only Angelo Mangiro Until Penn State Football

66 days.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Did you realize Angelo Mangiro has already graduated from Penn State? Maybe it's because I spend most of my free time obsessing over who Pat Chambers is going to start at the point next year (Devin Foster, I think), but I was under the impression that Mangiro had a couple of years to go. Imagine my surprise and awe when I ran through his twitter feed to find this:

Mangiro will presumably continue his postgraduate study during the thick of the 2015 football season, and he'll probably have extra homework from Herb Hand every night if he's going to be able to play every position along the offensive line. If that doesn't put your couch potato opinion of Penn State's big hosses (coughBillcough) in perspective then I'm not sure what will.

66 days until Penn State football.