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Success With Hyperlinking Needs A Bigger Boat

SWH gets chummy with Broey.

Bruce is celebrating shark week off the coast North Carolina.
Bruce is celebrating shark week off the coast North Carolina.
Finding Nemo-Pixar Films

Hockey Players Gone Camping

Six current and former PSU hockey players are attending NHL Development Camps. Mary Clarke reported last week that former Lion forward Scott Conway has landed at the Anaheim Ducks Development camp. Redshirt-senior Eric Scheid was at the camp as well. Scheid will be a candidate for team captain in his final season in Hockey Valley.

Former Icer Casey Bailey and junior forward Zach Saar are with Toronto this week taking part in the Maple Leafs' Development Camp.

Senior goalie Matt Skoff is in his hometown with the Penguins. Junior goalie Eamon McAdam is at the Islanders' camp in New York for the third straight year after being drafted by the team in 2013. McAdam played well during a scrimmage held Wednesday night in the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Don't Gore Me, Bro

An Australian man was gored twice in the groin while running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain on Wednesday. Sources say that it was one of those deals where the two involved simply had to blow off a little steam. The Aussie was gored twice but later he and the bull were seen sitting together at the bar. The pair were reportedly slamming shots of Jagermeister and carrying on like old friends until the place closed shortly after midnight.

Football News

Earlier in the week a trio of Lions were selected for pre-season watch lists. Two additional players were named to the Rimington and Mackey watch lists as well. The Mackey Award goes to the most outstanding collegiate tight end. Kyle Carter may be the third-most talented tight end on the team but at this point the senior has more national name-recognition.

Penn State's Lift for Life annual event will take place tomorrow at 11 a.m. on the lacrosse field on camupus. Support the effort in person or by donating to the cause. The proceeds are used to fight kidney cancer and to raise awareness of the disease.

Thankfully coach Franklin's team was able to make it through the July 4th celebrations without incident. The same can't be said for two current NFL players. Each player involved is expected to be able to return to the football field. Let's see who can come up with the best 'missing finger' joke in the comment section. There will certainly be less finger-pointing in the Giants' defensive huddle this year.


Did anyone notice an increase in attendance last year at the Bryce Jordan Center? The team averaged nearly 2,000 additional fans per contest over the previous season. The increase of 1,787 fans per contest at the BJC was surpassed by only four schools in all of college basketball.

DJ Newbill took part in the Orlando Summer League with the Los Angeles Clippers. Newbill did not see action in the first of four games. He played solid in the next two games, scoring four points in each while contributing with rebounds, assists and steals. In the final game the former Lion caught fire, scoring 18 points including ten in the final ten minutes of play.


This Week In Joey Bosa doesn't have very much to report. It's the off-season so his days are filled with monotonous but important work. Bosa spends most of his time in the weight room, on the track, or in the helmet-pulling simulator.

According to Broey Bosa's twitter @jbbigbear he set aside time to hang out with some pals in Chicago over the weekend. With a thousand additional followers #97 in scarlet and grey will have a cool 100,000. Give him a follow on twitter to stay up to date with Bosa between TWIJB reports. In Joey Bosa more days OSU will host the Lions at 8 p.m. in Columbus, Ohio.

Good weekend in chi town with some good peeps

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Shark Week Ends Sunday

There have been a high number of shark attacks already this summer. Outside of the rare sharknado, an encounter with sharks can be completely avoided if you stay out of the ocean. Other tips for avoiding sharks would be to stay out of the ocean at night, try not to swim near areas where people are fishing, and ditch the Lady Gaga-inspired meat bikini.

The Discovery Channel has been running the annual week of shark propaganda. We can all thank Steven Spielberg for creating what has become an unhealthy fear of sharks in our society.

It's hard to believe that Jaws was in theaters forty years ago. It seems just like yesterday that our boat was big enough to catch anything.

The increase in shark attacks this year combined with the media blitz of scary shark tv shows has beach-goers on edge. As a courtesy to others, if you are at the beach with someone named Mark, please do not yell his name while he is swimming as it will scare others who are in the water.