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Success with Hyperlinking is Building the Perfect Offense

Ken White/Getty Images

Dream Team Our friends at Victory Bell Rings take on the nearly impossible task of selecting an All-Time Penn State offense. Even for a completely fictional endeavor, I'd still lose sleep trying to settle on two starters at running back.

Records are Meant to be Broken While this sentiment is generally true, these records will likely stand the test of time. We're long past the days of unlimited scholarships, so I don't foresee a team winning 47 consecutive games any time soon. I also don't expect to witness anyone throw more than nine interceptions or punt more than 36 times in a single game, either. Holy schnikes.

BAR-red Sadly, it seems to have become commonplace for women to be assaulted in Tallahassee bars by a Florida State football player. Rather than trying to recruit players without a significant rap sheet, Jimbo Fisher is instead trying to curb the issue by banning his players from attending bars while they are members of the team. On the other end, Old Dominion football players are finally able to have their own Twitter accounts after a four-year ban.

Browns Need More TP Former Ohio State armpunter Terrelle Pryor is in Cleveland for his latest NFL stop, and will finally make the move from quarterback to wide receiver. On the bright side, the Browns are in desperate need for help at receiver and Pryor could become a major asset, considering his tremendous athletic ability. However, nothing really works out for anyone associated with the Cleveland Browns organization, so he may want to temper expectations until his next stop where he will inevitably become a multiple Pro Bowler.

LONG LIVE HANK SCORPIO! Simpsons fans are dying for more Hank Scorpio. Bad news- he's not likely to make a second appearance any time soon, according to the creators of The Simpsons. Maybe he could come back to see how Homer is doing as the owner of the Denver Broncos (aww, the Denver Broncos!)?

Around State College The Onward State crew overheard some wonderfully weird things last week during Arts Fest....Get to know tight end Mike Gesicki better before he becomes a household name....Christian Hackenberg has been a very busy man this summer.