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MMQB: Which Penn State Football Team Would Be Champions?

It's impossible to find a title that makes sense for this question, so just read the post.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Sorry for the brevity of this, but I'm on vacation. I'm sure this will inspire plenty of comments, so it'll all even out in the end.

Today's question involves time travel and football, the classic combination. If we at Black Shoe Diaries were given the funds to build a time machine to transport back 16 of the best Penn State football teams ever, and put them into a playoff format, who would come out on top?

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts to that question, so I'll let you all personally decide which teams would even be in the tournament to begin with, so no possible champions are left out. We'll also assume that each team also has the same coaching staffs that they did when they were on the field, and players are able to be on multiple teams (as in a 2012 team would have the 2012 version of Hackenberg, and so on).

So BSD readers, which Penn State football team in history would reign supreme after a 16 team playoff against other Penn State football teams?