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Success With Hyperlinking Is Too Dadgum Hot

Summer has arrived. In certain parts of the BSD universe, it's getting tough to take the heat.

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Hockey News

Check out this nice interview with senior goalie Matt Skoff concerning the upcoming season and his hope of playing professionally. Skoff recently participated in the Penguins summer camp.

If you can stand the extraordinarily loud background music that is being played for no apparent reason, you will also enjoy this recent interview with the Toronto Maple Leafs' Casey Bailey. The former Lion speaks highly of the hockey program and his intention to support it in the future with all of his heart.

Zach Saar gave a brief interview while at the Leafs' summer camp for prospects. Saar, a junior forward, was the largest player at the prospect summer camp. The 6'5", 236 pound power-forward mentioned the hip injury that held him off the ice until late December was a main factor for his skipping the draft this season.

Football News

The players spent some time handing out posters that read "Black shoes. All blues. No Names. All game." Meanwhile, coach Franklin took the time to pop in on some lucky season-ticket holders. Check out the video:

Christian Hackenberg is a pretty good football player. He was added to the Manning Award Watch List on Thursday. This is the fourth pre-season watch-list to name Hack as a selection. It's hard to believe that at the conclusion of the football season, after all the games including the National Championship are played, Hackenberg will still not yet be 21 years of age.

Sam Ficken and Mike Hull were awarded for their exceptional brains. It's hard to say how each player will fare at the next level but considering both have Finance degrees, life after football should be good to them.

Long-snapper and holder tandem Chris Gulla and Tyler Yazujian received Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Awards. The inaugural recipient of this award was today's days until post player.

Also it should be noted that Braxton Miller has decided to play wide receiver this season.

Hoops News

Joining football players Chris Gulla and Tyler Yazujian in receiving the Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Award is basketball role-player Kevin Montminy. Montminy's career with Penn State basketball is admirable. He arrived as a walk-on. Coach Chambers raved about Hoops McGloin's work ethic during practice and found a way to reward the hard work, making Montminy a scholarship athlete for his final season. Fittingly Montminy broke his nose trying to make a diving hustle play in practice just minutes before the announcement was made to the team.

Montminy played only six minutes last season, the fewest of any of his four years with the team. For all of the negative talk that we hear about the 'care-frontations', this is an example of a scholarship being awarded to a player that did not deserve one on the basis of talent. For the third-straight season coach Chambers awarded a scholarship to a player that had previously been a walk-on. Chambers could have filled that spot with a one-year graduate student or other player. Instead he rewarded someone that did everything the right way for the program.

Former Lady Lion Alex Bentley was named to the WNBA All-Star Team. The game will be played on Saturday, July 25th at 3:30 p.m. and will be aired on ABC.

Tim Frazier and DJ Newbill have been participating in NBA Summer League games. Check out some of the stats and videos of their adventures.

It's A Cruel, Cruel Summer

The summer heat has taken hold. It's just plain hot in Sarasota, Florida where this post originates. While the 'other west coast' of our great country doesn't typically see the extreme high temperatures, the constant heat is so monotonous that it can drive a man crazy. For me the distance between where I sit at this moment and crazy-town is so close that I could walk there. This heat walks me crazy. For the next ten days the forecast is the same as it has been for the past ten days, and will be for the ten days following the next ten days. Expect a high temperature of 85 degrees and a low somewhere around 75 degrees. The humidity level will be roughly 90 percent at all times. It's a very, very wet heat that produces 'feels like' temperatures of around 100 degrees when it is actually 85 degrees.

I've got a waste-basket full of crumpled paper at my work-station that simply reads, "All work and no play makes Chris a dull boy." That sentence repeated over and over was actually the first several drafts of this story.

What makes it harder is knowing that some parts of the BSD world are experiencing spectacular weather.

For instance, jiminore is in the sweet-spot of summer weather. He's looking at a high of 69 degrees and a low of 57 for the next few days. With a NW breeze blowing off the cool Pacific, he's got to be in heaven right about now.

The same goes for Hbeach08. It looks like a high of 80 or less and a low of 68 are in steady supply for the next couple of weeks.

Dan Vecellio spent the last couple of years in Texas. Dan left the BSD to focus on his aspirations of becoming a meteorologist. Lubbock, Texas is looking at a high of around 95 or higher and a low of 70 for the near future.

Max 'Big Maple' Moorhead is sitting pretty in Toronto, Canada. He's looking at a high of 27 and a low of 18 for the next week. That's Celsius. That converts to 80 for a high and 64 for a low in the universal global standard of heat measurement for all countries that matter, Fahrenheit. This hoser has better weather than most of us and universal healthcare to boot! Of course, he's probably going to have to stay in Canada for a while since the loonie is at the lowest level against the U.S. dollar in over a decade.

BConway6 is looking at highs in the mid-80's and lows in the 60's in Minnesota. Our fearless male leader Jared has highs in the mid-80s and lows in the low 60's in O-H-I-O. It's always sunny in Philadelphia and the next week will be no different. The city of brotherly love will see temperatures just over 90 degrees with lows around 70 for the next week.

In State College, home of Kingkub and Willy DiFilippo, the weather is outstanding. Highs in the mid-80's, lows in the mid-60's.

So what's the weather like in your neck of the woods and how are you enjoying/dealing with it?

I mostly sit around and listen to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince when it gets this hot outside. It's incredible to think that Will Smith was nearly bankrupt at the time he made this recording, owing nearly $3,000,000 in taxes at the tender age of 21. It's a good thing that he's a great actor because his music career pretty much ended with this song.