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MMQB: Where is Your Favorite Place to Watch Penn State Football?

Where is YOUR favorite spot?

Is this random bar in Scotland your favorite?
Is this random bar in Scotland your favorite?
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We all have special places that we like to go to watch Penn State football. Naturally, Beaver Stadium is probably number one, so we'll exclude that one. But there are plenty of other places that Penn Staters near and far hold in their hearts as their viewing venue of choice.

Maybe that special place is on the tv on your RV outside of the stadium. Maybe that place is Kildare's or Bar Bleu in downtown State College. Maybe that place is Carpool in Arlington, Virginia (may she rest in peace).

Since many of us live in many different places, make sure you specify where your favorite viewing spot is located. It might help us all find some new people to watch games with, whether you find out someone has viewing parties at their homes a block away from you, or that you've been going to the same bar for years and just never knew.

So all of that being said, where is your favorite non-Beaver Stadium place to watch a Penn State Football game, and where is said place?