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Only Curtis Enis Until Penn State Football

Just 39 days until Penn State kicks off the 2015 season!

Al Bello/Getty Images

Curtis Enis doesn't get his due as a Penn State legend thanks to a disappointing NFL career and a messy departure near the end of his junior season, but in the program's history there were few players who exhibited as much heart and toughness as he did during his three seasons in the blue and white.

Enis will always hold a special place in my heart. My first time in Beaver Stadium was the 1997 contest against Ohio State, where Enis racked up 211 yards while leading Penn State to a thrilling 31-27 come from behind victory. He later revealed that he received a rather nasty piece of hate mail the previous season from an OSU fan who chided him for having the audacity to spurn the in-state Buckeyes to become a Nittany Lion. He held on to the letter and used it for motivation while he tore apart the Buckeyes defense on that sunny afternoon.

Only 39 more days!