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Success with Hyperlinking Apologizes for This Performance

News, links, and general debauchery.

You can't handle the Truth Movement.
You can't handle the Truth Movement.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Women's Soccer: Four members of the Penn State women's soccer team are currently training with the United States Under-20 Women's National Team in Chula Vista, CA. That's one-sixth of the entire U-20 roster, for those scoring at home. And Chula Vista is the 76th largest city in the United States, if you're scoring that at home as well.

Men's Soccer: Keeping with soccer, former Penn State men's soccer coach Walter Bahr was voted on to a list of the greatest United States Men's National Team players by some salty Brits who just can't let the 1950 World Cup go already.

Women's Volleyball: Russ Rose's bunch will be featured on television six times in the 2015-16 season, with five scheduled appearances on the Big Ten Network and one on ESPNU. You can see them play on TV for the first time at 8 p.m. on September 5th as they take on Stanford. Afterwards, check back with us to see how many Penn State athletes transferred to Stanford during the match.

Women's Lacrosse: Already a winner of the Big Ten and ECAC coach of the year awards, women's lacrosse coach Missy Doherty won another coach of the year honor Monday, taking home the award for the west/midwest region. We're very happy for Missy as of now, but if she gets a fourth coach-of-the-year award we'll have to begin rooting against her for being a show-off.

Blue Band/Majorettes: Touch of Blue, the Penn State majorettes, won championships in both Dance Twirl and Halftime competitions at the USA and World Twirling Competitions last week in South Bend, IN. Meanwhile, I tried to dance to up-and-coming hit song "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars at a bar this past weekend and fell down.

Minor League Baseball: The State College Spikes are at war with actor-turned-singer (?) Corey Feldman. According to people who are older than I am, Feldman was once a star actor in his youth. Does every generation chew up and spit out its child actors like this? I'll ask the commenters: who is this generation's Corey Feldman going to be, and why is it the kid who plays Bran on Game of Thrones?

Music, Etc.: With Corey Feldman's music career as an excellent transition, I'm hijacking the rest of this to briefly talk about music because I want to. Some of the writers here have attempted to talk about music in past Success with Hyperlinkings (Successes with Hyperlinking?), and it was adorable, but now it's time to get serious.

As far as this cat's concerned, the best album of the year so far belongs to psychedelic folk rocker Father John Misty, who also puts on an excellent live show if you get the chance to check him out. The best album to be on the look out for in the second half of the year could very well belong to dream pop duo Beach House. And if you're looking for a connection to Penn State connection here, there is one! Lead singer and pianist/keyboardist/organist Victoria Legrand is the half-sister of senior women's soccer player Teddy Chase. This has all come full circle in a way that makes it look like I had a plan!