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Success With Hyperlinking Burns The Mutha Down

Success With Hyperlinking Burns The Mutha Down

Hulk Hands
Hulk Hands

It's Friday, July 3rd.  Let's groove, BSD.

Hulk Hands Smash Trophy(ies)

Matt Brown, affectionately known as Hulk Hands among the BSD wrestling contingent, has earned several new monikers in the past four months.  National Champion. Penn State Male Athlete of the Year.  And, most recently, Capital One CoSIDA Academic All-American of the Year.  Hulk Hands becomes only the 2nd Penn Stater to earn this award.  The first was Jim Martin - also a wrestler - in 1988/89.  Martin is now Dr. Jim Martin, with a long-running practice in State College.  Hulk Hands, who also participated in Army ROTC, earned a 3.97gpa, got married, became a father, and won a national championship, among other things - pause to catch breath - will continue his wrestling career with the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club while an active Army officer, chasing Olympic gold.  So, sure...tell Matt how you're really busy with school or work and didn't have time to complete a task.  I'm sure he'll empathize.

Haslett Pays Immediate Dividends

Head Bald Coach James Franklin boldly lured NFL-lifer Jim Haslett to State College less than 10 days ago.  Since then, Haslett has landed the commitments of DT Michael Dwumfour (New Jersey), DT Christian Colon (North Carolina), DT Ellison Jordan (Maryland), DE Daniel Joseph (Illinois), UConn transfer Terrence Samuel (basketball), and helped DJ Newbill land on the LA Clippers.   And oh by the way - Haslett completely shut off the river of transfers to Stanford.  Not one Penn Stater packed for The Farm since Haslett's arrival in State College.

Around The Lig

Ohio State analyzes Braxton Miller tweets.  Verdict?  Could mean something good, or something neutral, or something bad.

Wisconsin reflects on Bo Ryan's retirement announcement.

So does Minnesota.

So does Michigan State.

Iowa lands its 20th two-star-slash-three-star, MAC-Offers-Only football recruit of 2016 - and The Pants couldn't be more excited.

Corn Nation speculates that its football renaissance has begun, because recruiting. (Nebraska is 24th in the 247 standings, with two 4* recruits - one fewer than Jim Haslett landed last week after 8 days on the job).

BoilerTMill is still cranking out posts about something he calls "Purdue Football".  You're encouraged to drop by and share your condolences for his condition.

What does Indiana do after shootyhoops?  They compare Big Ten schools to Canadian cities and provinces.  What did you think they'd be doing - football?  lolno.

Just Northwestern previews its running back situation as we cruise towards August.  Justin Jackson is really good.

Meanwhile, in Illinois, former student athletes file a lawsuit.  This time its women's shootyhoops.  Tim Beckman breathes a sigh of relief.

Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers outlines a recruiting success strateegery for Kyle Flood.  Part one?  Stop losing every single recruiting battle.

Murr-land gives Randolph Edsall a contract extension because they'd maneuvered themselves into a corner and had no other choice.  High five.  Great Success.

Cowherd interviews Crazy Uncle Jim

Put two entitled, late-middle-aged, temperamental white males on a forced phone call.  Give it a few minutes, and poof - it's magic.  Bored football fans get nearly seven and a half minutes of low quality July entertainment.

Congratulations to AndresCantSleep, who wins the "Executive Summary Comment of the Off Season" Award with this gem:


Your July 4th Political Op-Ed

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[This space intentionally left blank.]