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Success With Hyperlinking is August and Everything After

Ok, you're right, it's July. But it's the end of July. Let's do some links!

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

It's still the dog days of summer, I suppose, but this last day of July means it's nearly the start of August, and Round Here, we talk just like lions.  We're at Deron Thompson until kickoff (Jared has you covered today).  As for me?  Let's get to some links to pass the time.

Your feel good story of the day. Leah Still, the five year old daughter of former Penn State star defensive tackle (and all around good guy) Devon Still, tested cancer free again in her most recent check.  Keep fighting, kid.  You're an inspiration.  Meanwhile, in football news, Devon is jacked and ready to get back into football.  The Bengals start camp today, and Still looks to be in the best shape of his professional career at the beginning of his 4th year.

Meanwhile, in freshman land. The new kids are getting some pretty good press these days.  True freshman running back Saquon Barkley already looks the part, and the Nittany Lions "must already be confident in his ability to perform on the big stage." Meanwhile, true freshman corner John Reid is a future captain and leader who is willing to "come in and work hard" on both academics and athletics.  A nice (and, sadly, somewhat unusual) perspective from an athlete who came very highly touted out of high school.  Good luck on putting it all together, gentlemen.

Rivals?  Uh, sure. Taking a page out of Junny's book, Zach Miller of the Pocono Record says that it's "laughable" that Randy Edsall claims Penn State as Maryland's rival.  Apparently, Edsall's players even agree, as Terps senior William Likely called Penn State "just another team" and committed to actually shaking hands with the players this year.  You guys might want to all get on the same page before you head out to greet the cameras.

Top 30? Penn State may be 35th in the preseason Coaches Poll, but Matt Murschel of the Orlando Sentinel has the Nittany Lions ranked 28th to start the year.  Apparently the early schedule and the opportunity for an improved offensive line (frankly, it can't get much worse) are the reasons for optimism heading into the 2015 season.  Your lips to God's ears, Matt.

The Cheap Plug.  Unfortunately, I was stuck in work the other day and couldn't make it, but do check out the first installment of the Black Shoe Podcast on our new platform, VSporto.  The content will remain excellent, and we'll be able to give you more of it with far better quality than any other platform that has hosted us.  Be sure to listen to Bill, Nick and Cari from this week, check out the future recruiting podcasts headed your way, and join Cari, Bill, Steph Morris and I this fall once again for our weekly breakdowns!