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Only Bill Clements Until Penn State Football

We've hit the 2-month mark in the countdown. 62 days remaining.

Older Man Euhler had a block of 20 under the roof.  Cost 5 cents.
Older Man Euhler had a block of 20 under the roof. Cost 5 cents.

Bill Clements wore #62 for our Nittany Lions as a 5'11", 183-lb offensive guard from 1953 - 1955.   Had he been born 50 years later, Bill Clements would have been relegated to Greek intramural flag football at Dear Old State.  However, given that he possessed some measure of athleticism, Bill likely would not have been a brother at Triangle, Skull, DU, Acacia, DTD, DX, SigEp, AGR, KDR, Pikes, Tekes, SigNu...  Sorry - getting off track.

Plopping a then 18-year old, 1952-Clements into a Marty McFly DeLorean and sending him to 2015 Penn State Football would be fun to watch.

>23,000-seat Beaver Field, next to Rec Hall, is 107,000-seat Beaver Stadium on the opposite side of campus.

>Some students are making a lunar rover and sending it to the Moon for kicks.

>Beaver Stadium has giant TV screens (in color!!), which are even larger (in dimensions and weight) than a 1953 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon.

>No more Soviets, or getting drafted to fight ChiComs in Korea.  Which is nice.

>Bill will need to grow half a foot taller and put on 130 lbs to play guard (assuming he's not going to run a 4.5 forty).

>Oh - and Bill will have to practice year-round.

>But, Bill's tuition will be $0.  (Bill probably paid his own way in the early 50's, since Penn State didn't reintroduce athletic scholarships (and then only on a limited basis) until May 1949).  That's not as much of a benefit as you might imagine, since Bill's tuition as a senior in 1955 was $126 per semester.