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Success With Hyperlinking Is Adding It Up

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone's favorite mathlete and all around good guy has been making the rounds the past few days. In a pleasant surprise, Sports Illustrated Kids has a fascinating little interview with John Urschel posted on its blog. In it he discusses various topics, such as ways kids can get more interested in math, different approaches to take when learning or teaching, and his favorite book as a child. There will be an expanded appearance in the July issue of SI Kids. Elsewhere on the internets, Urschel turned up at Mashable being just a typical 23-year-old guy--or, rather (as they concluded with video evidence), "a freak of nature and we are nothing compared to him."

Are you ready for 700 uniform combinations? Phil Knight has announced he's stepping down as Chairman of Nike next year. He's also made the recommendation for current the President and CEO, Mark Parker, to succeed him. While not a guarantee he'll become Chairman, it is very likely he'll assume the role. Parker is a 1977 graduate from Penn State that worked his way up the ranks within Nike since joining the company in 1979 as a shoe designer. I certainly wouldn't look for another Oregon or Maryland scenario to play out, but anything is possible.

God's Gift of Stupid: In what had been a productive offseason that had Aaron Rodgers thinking it finally "clicked" for him, Andrew Quarless got himself arrested for firing a gun in public down in Miami. Every detail surrounding the incident is dumber than the last, absolutely boneheaded, fortunately no one was injured.

R.I.P. Jim Weaver: Former Nittany Lion football player, assistant coach, and longtime Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver passed away last Thursday. His playing career straddled the end of Rip Engle's tenure and the beginning of Joe Paterno's head coaching career, later serving as Paterno's interior offensive line coach. His biggest professional accomplishments were in Blacksburg as the Athletic Director, setting the groundwork for and overseeing the most successful era in Hokie athletics.