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Only Chance Sorrell Until Penn State Football

58 days until kickoff.

the Lion pounces on the wildebeast
the Lion pounces on the wildebeast

Middletown, Ohio's Chance Sorrell arrived at Penn State last summer as a 6'5", 280 offensive tackle, after being named the Anthony Munoz Offensive Lineman of the Year.  The award recognizes the best combination of good-plus-smart from the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area - exactly the kind of man we want at Dear Old State.  Chance redshirted in 2014, and will be pushing for a spot in the lineup this season.  Give him a follow on the tweeters @Chanman158811.

But BSD doesn't have a photo of Chance in his PSU pads.  And that's why you see a different #58 on your screen.

The Commonwealth of Virginia's top overall prospect in 1988, Reggie Givens came to Penn State and started at linebacker as a true freshman.  Reggie had wheels, and could cover the flat, carry the seam, and, despite his smaller 220-lb size, could dip and run the arc as a pass rusher.  Man, zone, space, pass rush - Givens could do it all (and frequently did it best against Penn State's mid 80's, early 90's rival Notre Dame).  Today's defensive coaches would trip over themselves to put him on the edge against the many spread schemes.  He'd have been exactly what you want.

Drafted in the 8th round by the Dallas Cowboys in 1993, Reggie spent 7 years in the NFL and CFL before hanging up his cleats.  Now he owns and operates Blitz Mobile Fitness - something to which kinesiology major Chance might aspire - and you can follow him on the tweeters @Blitz58Fitness.