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Only Matthew Baney Until Penn State Football

Just 35 more days until Penn State takes on the Temple Owls!

Photo courtesy of L247

Matthew Baney heads into his senior season at Penn State hoping to contribute at outside linebacker and special teams in 2015. Baney appeared in three games in 2014 and looks to expand his role in his final season in the blue and white.

Baney is a Nittany Lion through and through, born and raised right in State College. He started his career in 2011 when Joe Paterno was still head coach, and survived the most tumultuous set of circumstances any group of collegiate athletes have ever faced. He may not be a household name, but Baney has earned the respect of his teammates and fans everywhere for staying loyal to the program and helping to keep it afloat during the most difficult of times.

Baney was recently chosen to represent Penn State at the Career in Sports Forum, an annual educational event for athletes hosted by the NCAA. Among the highlights of the forum was an appearance by friend of BSD and the lovechild of Miss Piggy and Newt Gingrich, NCAA President Mark Emmert.

Just 35 more days!