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MMQB: What are you looking for out of training camp?

The Nittany Lions hit the field last week for the last stretch of practice before the 2015 season starts. What are some of the key storylines you'll be following as training camp goes on?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Penn State football squad officially kicked off at 5 pm last Monday, with the bulk of practices taking place last weekend. Though no depth charts have been released, and the Yearbook that hit Nittany Lion Club members' mailboxes were based solely on seniority, the reports that will trickle out of the next few weeks of camp will determine what we'll see when the Lions take the field on September 5 in Philadelphia.

What are some of the key storylines to look out for over the next few weeks?

  • How has and will the offensive line develop? As starting center Angelo Mangiro indicated at Big Ten media days in Chicago, the line is using what's been written as bulletin board material for the offseason--and going up against what he says is the best tandem they'll ever face in Anthony Zettel and Austin Johnson in practice every day makes them even better. But how much better, and how fast?
  • Will Christian Hackenberg build on his best-of-2014 performance in the Pinstripe Bowl, and have a career-making (and NFL paycheck bringing) season this year?
  • Who will step in in place of departing playmaker Mike Hull on defense?
  • Is Adam Breneman really at 100%? Is Mike Gesicki ready to take the next step? And can Kyle Carter recapture the magic of his redshirt freshman campaign? Will any of this matter if the tight ends aren't utilized in the offensive scheme run by John Donovan?
  • Does the defense take a step back at all from its top ten performance last year? Zettel told the BTN that not improving on last year's numbers would be a disappointment--for fans, that would be insanely remarkable.
  • How does Akeel Lynch handle being the feature back? And can he stave off all of the freshmen nipping at his heels?

and, the big one...

  • Can the Nittany Lions get through training camp without any major injuries to key contributors?

What are your thoughts? What are you looking for out of the next few weeks of camp?