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Open Thread: Houston Texans On Hard Knocks, Featuring No Censors And Bill O'Brien

Let's talk about Bill O'Brien, online

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all gonna be watching Hard Knocks? If you hate the NFL and don't want to all that much, well, then, you're me, but anyway, Bill O'Brien's Houston Texans are on it. The show is uncensored. An uncensored Bill O'Brien will be on HBO at 10 p.m.

Wanna hear O'Brien cuss a lot? Same. Wanna hear him maybe ring out the NCAA? Same. Wanna hear him say the phrase "I really wanna get Hackenberg in the Draft but I don't know if we can"? Same. Wanna see Ross Travis in an NFL Training Camp? Well, I don't think he made it, so that won't be on TV, but same.

Discuss Hard Knocks and Bill O'Brien here. If all goes well, we'll do it again in the future.