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Only Ryan Keiser Until Penn State Football

23 days.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Keiser was a four-year player and a former walk-on who started in parts of his junior and senior seasons at safety. He was an example of steadiness for most of his career, playing on special teams both in coverage and as the holder for the field goal kicker across his four seasons. Keiser finished his Penn State career with 78 tackles and 4 interceptions.

Keiser's redshirt senior season of 2014 was cut short by a serious injury just days before Penn State's double-overtime loss to Ohio State. A broken rib caused more significant damage to his bowel and left him in intensive care for a time. While he did recover, he was unable to return to action before season's end. Still, Keiser will be remembered for timely interceptions late in the game during wins over Illinois (2013), Wisconsin (2013), and Rutgers (2014).

Only 23 days until the season begins.