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Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 3.02 - Catching up with Will Fries and Discussing Breakout Players

We got Fries with that! We promise we'll delete everything we've ever done on the internet after that joke.

2016 OT commit, Will Fries
2016 OT commit, Will Fries

Welcome back to the Black Shoe Podcast, a channel on Nittany Lion Sports Radio, part of the VSporto family! We hope you enjoyed the first episode of crystal clear quality voices (except Cari's), and are so glad you've found your way back for another helping of podcast. Make sure to follow the Nittany Lions Sports Radio channel on Twitter (@BlueWhiteRadio), as well as VSporto themselves (@vsporto). And if you haven't had the chance to do so yet, visit the app store on your iPhone (I have been told by Director of Programming Kellen Farmer that an app for the android is coming soon, as well) and download the official app to get all of your favorite Penn State podcasts in one convenient location.

Today, your wonderful hosts are Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33) and Nick Polak (@TheREALNPolak) and they are joined by very special guest, Penn State football class of 2016 commit, Will Fries (@willfries55)! Make sure to follow all three of them, because they are all awesome and great people.

Some highlights to look forward to in episode 3.02:

  • Will Fries joins the podcast to discuss his recruitment, and the things that stood out to him during his time as a sought-after high school target (his pre-committed time, that is).
  • Will shares his thoughts on what the weirdest thing to happen to him during his recruitment was.
  • Finally, Will shares his thoughts on the current Penn State team, and what he's doing to prepare for his time in Happy Valley.
  • After Will checks out, Nick and Bill discuss the breakout player series, touching on their own choices, as well as some of the other staff members' picks.
  • Nick gives an update on most of Penn State's remaining, known recruiting targets for the 2016 class.

We hope you enjoy episode two of the new era of the Black Shoe Podcast! Show us you love it by downloading the app and following all of us on Twitter dot com!