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Only Johnathan Thomas Until Penn State Football

Only 20 more days.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

When Johnathan Thomas committed to Penn State in October of 2013, he was notable for two reasons. First, he flipped his commitment from Maryland to Penn State, which proved that the Nittany Lions could pull recruits that were committed to schools other than Rutgers*. More notably, he was the only recruit who committed to Penn State during the Bill O'Brien era who went to O'Brien's high school, St. John's Prep in Danvers, Mass.

While O'Brien left to freely use profanity on HBO, Thomas stayed in Happy Valley, and he is expected to be a key member of Penn State's backfield in 2015. The former three-star recruit is now a redshirt freshman and a projected short yardage/goal line back, as Thomas has been praised by James Franklin and his staff for his bruising running style – he has put on 16 pounds since he came to Penn State, and is currently listed at 221 lbs. As long as he can shake off the little injuries he has reportedly suffered in the preseason, expect Thomas to make a bit impact in the backfield this year.

Only 20 more days until we football.

* -- this is a joke please no one get mad at me