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MMQB: Which Penn State Football Jersey is Your Favorite?

Because the NCAA can't sell jerseys specifically for certain players, only for the numbers. That's what they do, right?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

For nearly all of its history, Penn State football has played with no names on the backs of its jerseys. One major advantage of that is for the fans. When their favorite #24 moves on from Penn State, they know that there will always be another #24, who could end up even better than the previous one.

There are plenty of Penn State jerseys with deep and impressive roots.

#22- John Cappelletti, Evan Royster, Akeel Lynch

#31- Paul Posluszny and Shane Conlan

#14- Todd Blackledge, Wally Richardson, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Christian Hackenberg

#8- Terry Smith, Rodney Kinlaw, Allen Robinson

I could go on, but I think you get it. Personally, my favorite jersey number will always be my #97 jersey. Yes, most of that is for its former owner, the great Sam Ficken. It also brings back great memories though. Going to the Family Clothesline after the Virginia game to customize the jersey. Watching him complete his path to redemption and winning the Wisconsin game. Waking up early to watch him win the Croke Classic. Standing with both of my hands pointed straight up in the air in the top row of Yankee Stadium at the end of the Pinstripe Bowl. Wearing in each and every week to tailgate as a Penn State student. That jersey brings up great memories every time I see it, both of the player it represents and of my own life.

It has other advantages, as well. It's currently being worn by one of the freshmen that I feel is most promising, Ryan Buchholz. It's a great, versatile number. Plenty of defensive linemen will come through wearing that jersey as history goes on, so I know that it will always be relevant.

So now I pose the question to you. Which Penn State jersey is your favorite? Do you have a particular reason for it being your favorite? Who did you originally purchase it to support?