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BSD Mailbag 8.19.15

You've got questions, BSD has answers!

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BOB did not believe in playing back-up QBs. Will CJF try to get some of our back-up QBs into games this year (Assume no injury to Hack — just clean-up time in blow-outs.)? PSU_Lions_84
I fully expect backup Trace McSorley to get as much playing time as possible this season whenever a game gets out of hand. This is especially crucial with the very real possibility of Christian Hackenberg heading off for the NFL following this season, as McSorley has yet to take a snap at Penn State. I would also hope Franklin creates a few packages where McSorley sees time under center during meaningful gametime, although this causes somewhat of a dilemma- keep the ball in Hack's hands as much as possible, or allow McSorley to receive extremely valuable playing time with the possibility of him being QB1 in 2016?

Scarier #11: Ohio State's fake mannequin or Penn State's real LaVar Arrington? bveo12
Arrington, and it's not even close. Just look at this image and try not to be at least a little fearful he is going to jump through your monitor and give you the whooping of a lifetime.

I ran into him at Champs a few years back, and here were my immediate thoughts:

1. Is he wearing a football uniform under his jeans and t-shirt? 
2. Dear God, he is wearing a football uniform under his clothes.
3. Why would he be wearing a football uniform under his clothes??
6. Don't make him angry Jared, because he can throw you through the roof all the way to the Nittany Lion statue.

Is this our last year with Shoop? Dbridi
It's anyone's guess what will happen in December or January, but Penn State fans should probably prepare themselves for the members of our young coaching staff to move on to greener pastures should Penn State return to its former glory. We've been spoiled for way too long, and the trend of lifetime assistant coaches probably won't be the norm as we enter a new era of Penn State Football.

I don't think he would consider leaving for a lateral move after he spurned LSU last season, but if the defense repeats or enhances its success from 2014, he should be hearing from a few programs with head coaching vacancies. It will likely come down to who comes calling, and what legitimate opportunities for success are presented to him.

What's the strangest case(s) of coincidence you've ever experienced? spigmana
I have three, so I'll start with the one related to Penn State.

1). My best friend as a child was the son of a former Ohio State player, who played center for the team during the height of the Woody Hayes era in the '70s. Blessed with the those genetics, he went on to also play center and wear the same number as his father for the Buckeyes.

Flash forward to the 2005 Penn State-Ohio State game. It was mid-afternoon, and my dad and I were walking around campus and downtown to kill time before kickoff. We stopped to check something out on a campus map when we heard a voice from behind, asking us if we could give directions to a certain area. We turned around, and it was my friend's mother. We just looked at each other in amazement- of all the people around that day, she unwittingly stopped to talk to someone who was basically part of her extended family.

2). A few years after graduating college, I went to Jacksonville for my cousin's wedding. I was staying at a condo right on the beach, and as soon as the rental car was unpacked I went and found a spot to relax. I was feeling antsy after as long day of travel so I decided to go for a walk. At the most, I was a quarter-mile from my umbrella when I thought I heard someone say "Is that Jared?" I just ignored it, assuming I was hearing things or they were just looking for someone who happened to have the same first name as me. On the way back to my spot on the beach, out of nowhere I was approached by two of my teammates from my college swim team in Northeast Ohio. I hadn't seen them in several years, and apparently they got married and moved to Jacksonville, and just happened to be at the beach that day right by my condo.

3). I swear this happens every time I eat a piece of fruit- at some point, I think to myself "Wait, did I remove the sticker?" Each time I look, I find the sticker nestled in between two bite marks. It's a wonder I haven't been choked to death by a plum yet.

Worst place you've ever watched a game? psfann
My parents house/BW3s/Quaker State for the 2007 game, which was more about the circumstances rather than the location (Ok, BW3s is pretty awful on both ends).

I was visiting my parents that day, and my dad and I were finishing up the noon games as we anxiously awaited the kickoff against Michigan. At 3:30, we flip over to ESPN2 to find a black screen with a blackout message. My dad got on the phone to try to figure out what was going on, but ended up arguing with a customer service rep in India who kept insisting the game wasn't on because it was actually 12:30 p.m. in the U.S., not 3:30 p.m. We realized we weren't going to resolve it in time to enjoy the game, so we ran to a BW3s a few miles down the road. As we were about to walk in, a guy having a smoke near the front door noticed our Penn State apparel and informed us they were also having trouble accessing the game. We never did get an explanation, but some glitch blacked out the game for any Dish subscribers in our area. So we decide the only way to be certain to watch the game would be to drive out to Pennsylvania. We finally arrive at a Quaker State shortly after crossing the state line, and were relieved to see they have the Penn State-Michigan game on several TVs throughout the bar. Slightly agitated but now content, we ordered beer and wings right before halftime and assume we're in for an enjoyable afternoon.


Penn State's offense played like they had each downed a bottle of NyQuil and could not get anything going all day. They ended up losing to a Michigan team who was fresh off losses to Appalachian State and Oregon (a complete dismantling by a team that was just a second-rate PAC-10 squad at the time). All hopes for an undefeated season were completely dashed as we came to the realization Penn State would come nowhere near the lofty expectations we had entering the season.

What style/trend/fad do you look back on now and wonder "How the hell was that ever popular"? vern05
I'm in agreement with you that the '80s hair metal look was the absolute worst. Not only did it look ridiculous, but the hairstyles were way too time-consuming and the clothing had to be terribly uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, it evolved into the early '90s fluorescent look, which was nearly as hideous and led to some very embarrassing childhood photos that I hope never see the light of day.

I have nothing to look forward to in the NFL this year So on that note, how good would Hackenberg look in the Burgundy and Gold in 2016? Just let me have this one, this dream is all I have…. PSU Forehead
You mean 2017, right?? I don't know if I'd want to see Hack in Washington unless the second version of the Hogs will be lining up in front of him. I have the same sentiment as a Browns fan. On one hand, it's always great to have some of your favorite players "graduate" to your favorite NFL teams. While I'm certain the Browns will have very high draft picks during the next two years, I'm not certain I would want to see Hack became yet another casualty in our tragically hysterical (or hysterically tragic?) revolving door of quarterbacks. It would probably be best for him to succeed elsewhere. At least I would have another team to watch after spending an hour or so pounding my head against a wall.

How many rushing yards will PSU have against Temple? otholion
198. Temple should have a sturdy defense this season, and it will be low enough to cause concern, yet not low enough to push the panic button.

O/U: games until Marcus Allen gets a targeting penalty (fairly or otherwise) vern05"
I'll take the under and optimistically say it will happen zero times. Since the new targeting rules were implemented, I kept waiting for Adrian Amos to get hit with a BS call, but it never happened. Hopefully the refs get it right with Allen as well.

Of course, I probably just jinxed him. Sorry, Marcus.

Are we more likely to upset aOSU or MSU? otholion
Currently, I don't like Penn State's chances against either team- although no one really knows what the hell they're talking about in August, so plenty could change by the time they face off. If I had to pick I would go with Ohio State. It's not that I think the Buckeyes are more beatable than the Spartans, it's just that the players typically play above and beyond their talent level against Ohio State. Plus, Penn State always seems to play especially well against them whenever the Buckeyes are seen as an unstoppable force heading into the season.

What Kanye song do you think does a better song showcasing the love that he has for his mother: Hey Mama or Only One? Bill DiFlilippo
Eh, let me know when Detox is released.