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Success With Hyperlinking Thinks The Grass Is Greener

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As you prepare to watch the Little League World Series in Williamsport or on ESPN later this month, take time to admire the fields now under the watchful eye of a Penn State grad. Rob Guthrie is in his first year overseeing both Howard J. Lamade and Little League Volunteer stadiums, as well as the surrounding practice fields. Penn State is no stranger to the spotlight of marquee sporting events played on their surfaces, most notably golf courses where Nittany Lions handle many of the best around the country, including all three PGA major sites in 2013.

Hinton on Hack: one of the old bloggers now gone big time at Grantland, Matt Hinton takes an unsurprisingly even take on Christian Hackenberg's mostly disastrous 2014 campaign and what might happen this season and beyond. Amid the ugly numbers, he took a look at realities and mined kernels of hope for 2015

Zettel Named To Piesman Watch List: in probably his biggest honor yet, Anthony Zettel has been named to the Piesman Trophy watch list for outstanding lineman doing outstanding things not usually done by lineman. As the article makes sure to point out this is a (very real) award with a (very real) trophy and a (very real) ceremony. While over at Everyday Should Be Saturday, also check out their B1G worst case scenarios for the season.

Water Is Wet: CBS Sports named Penn State the "Best College Football Team" in Pennsylvania. The Nittany Lions were singled out over Pitt, but I'm not sure what the Panthers did to merit number two in the state over Temple, Pitt's true ranking will always be 5b.

Women In Geek Culture: regarding a topic near and dear to my managing editor, a Penn State doctoral student is researching how open women are with their "geeky" interests with plans to look at how they interact within the culture.