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Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 3.03 - A Big Ten Preview with Matt Brown and Matt Brown!

TWO Matt Browns? Witchcraft.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Black Shoe Podcast, a Penn State channel on Nittany Lion Sports Radio, a VSporto channel. We're so glad that you continue to come back to listen to us talk about Penn State football. As always, make sure you're following @BlueWhiteRadio on Twitter, which will give you access to ALL of VSporto's Penn State podcasts the second they are available, and also give a follow to @vsporto themselves, as it might help you find another podcast someone in their company that you are also a fan of. Finally, make sure you go onto you iPhone's app store and download the official app of our channel. It's searchable in the app store under the name, "Nittany Lion Sports Radio".

This week on the pod, your hosts are once again, the dynamic duo of Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33) and Nick Polak (@TheREALNPolak), but this week they are once again joined by a pair of very special guests (by the way, if you haven't listened to last week's podcast with PSU commit, Will Fries, go do that now). To help the guys break down the Big Ten on today's show, we have Matt Brown of SB Nation College FootballLand Grant Holy Land and Vanquish the Foe (@MattSBN) and Matt Brown of Sports on Earth (@MattBrownCFB). Sound confusing? We hope it is!

Some highlights to look forwards to in episode 3.03..

  • We get a complete breakdown of the entire Big Ten from Matt, Matt, sometimes Nick and sometimes Bill.
  • We discuss the existence or non-existence of a Pat Fitzgerald hot seat.
  • Bill asks how he can get Kirk Ferentz's agent to negotiate his buyout clause.
  • We discuss whether this is yet another year of Wisconsin dominance in the West division, if Nebraska will finally break through or if the time has come for Minnesota to take charge.
  • We discuss the potential of Michigan's 2015 offensive attack.
  • We talk about Penn State's ceiling.
  • We discuss the loss of Pat Narduzzi, and whether or not the Buckeyes really even have a chance to not win the Big Ten.

We hope you enjoy episode three of the Black Shoe Podcast! Download the app, follow us on Twitter, and let SB Nation Matt Brown know that we don't approve of his fandom in the comments section!